You Are Not Actually Cut Off

I feel I am not really looking for enlightenment as such. My only problem seems to be my paralyzing fear and shyness. Another aspect of seeking seems to be that it will make me really special in the estimation of people I know. It will be an achievement that is ultimate. How do I find something true in myself?

A: I take it you don't want to live that way. You need to know the cause of the fear and shyness. The cause is that you feel separate. You feel cut off from your infinite and eternal source. You are not actually cut off – you just feel that way. So what you need is to understand, logically, how the feelings you have can be so different from what the truth is.

Someone has to explain to you, step by step, how you have come to the false conclusion that you are cut off from your source. You have to come to understand this for yourself. And then you will no longer live as that small, separate, vulnerable person, because you will see clearly and totally that it is not who you are.

Seeking and becoming self-realized won't make you special. In fact, it's quite the opposite. And it's not something that you tell other people about, anyway, so it won't change other people's estimation of you. Except they will just find you easy to be around.

I'm recommending Vedanta again. Please look at
my last blog post for specifics.