A Breakthrough

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Q: Wow! I get it! This changes everything! It feels like the search has ended! The knowledge that ends the search for knowledge! Assimilation begins! Thanks to you, I'm declaring moksha: I know beyond all doubt that I AM. Rather than a finish line, it seems like a new beginning: perhaps because it is like a rebirth for the jiva.

It all came together with that last email exchange. It happened in the intellect, as you described it would. Something you mentioned gave me the idea to drop the troublesome word Awareness and replace it with One-substance. As soon as I did that, I knew I was on to something. I was fully ripe. Then everything you said in that last email hit home: that was really the tipping point for the ignorance.

I just had so much ignorance/misconception/baggage around that word Awareness (I'm sure I'll be able to add it back eventually). I was trying to come up with a better term than One-substance. I started saying: I am eternal existence, I am spirit, I am consciousness – then it hit me – just I AM.

For now, I'll just call it I AM or my I-AMness: nice, short and simple. I never quite understood I AM until now, although I read it often over the years. I AM: I didn't know that was 
IT, what I was looking for! My new jiva ID card. What a breath of fresh air! There is already a release of pressure as you described! So simple! I was making it way too difficult. It IS as simple as I AM.

I'm just beginning to grasp the profound implications in my day-to-day life of some of the Vedanta teachings you have provided:

Apparent objects just appear in my I-AMness. I give life to them in the moment, shining on them, meaning: they depend completely upon me.

They need me, I don't need them. I alone exist. I am the Absolute, they are the relative.

I am self-sustaining, free & clear, independent of, and not limited by, any object, including states/experiences.

Everything is an object in various forms – everything (except me in my I-AMness); therefore, absolutely NOTHING impacts me in my eternal I-AMness. 

Anything and everything that I can point to in my day: thoughts, sensations, perceptions, experiences, mind, and body is just a temporary appearance in my I-AMness; they come and go, yet I remain untouched/unscathed – free. I eternally REMAIN.

You've made it clear that Awareness, as I've understood the term, is just an object I've been chasing! I kept searching, thinking, how could Awareness be my true nature when my "being aware" comes and goes? I see now that it is NOT about being aware, or mentally present in the moment – those are states/experiences, and they come and go like any object. ALL goings-on are just the play of forms: they don't affect my I-AMness = freedom based on knowledge, not feeling, as stated in your blog!

I know there will be many more revelations as I continue to study and apply the teachings. I'm excited to start fresh and review all you have kindly written to me and on your website – in light of my new understanding! For the two weeks that I've been studying Vedanta, I've been filtering it through my "being aware" lens – whew, glad it wasn't two years, or more!

So excited and appreciative!

A: Wow! I am so happy for you! You were extremely qualified and ripe, and the knowledge had fertile ground to take hold. This is really wonderful news! 

Everything you say here is exactly right, but I don't have to tell you that! You will really enjoy reading things you have previously read, now that you understand.

Like you say, it's not an ending but a beginning. What's next? Continue your self-inquiry. Assimilation of the knowledge takes place, through your continuing to see all the experiences in your life from the standpoint of knowing who you are.

Let this take you where it will — my hunch is that Vedanta is going to be even more satisfying for you to spend time with. It can really help in this stage! 

Keep me posted and keep the questions/revelations coming as they arise! 

Good job!!!!!

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