Healing Resources

I mentioned in my blog from October 17 ("Healing Our Broken Hearts") that I would post some of the resources that have been useful to me in emotional healing. I've had a lot of traditional therapy in my life, but nothing has ever reached the core wounds like the methods, meditations, and ideas that I link to here. Approaching our deepest pain with the admission that we need help from God (or from a higher power, if you prefer) is really the only way it can be revealed and healed. Trying to do it just through our own will power and intelligence is bound to fail.

I first stumbled across this Sister Miriam interview (
The Healing Christ Wants for You, Sister Miriam James Heidland) and she was talking about our broken places, and people who have been wounded early on in one way or another and who need healing. I was so taken aback to hear a Catholic nun talking about being broken and needing healing, and this opened up a whole exploration for me of Catholics who talk about this kind of thing. In much of my first exposure to Catholics, they all seemed so together, and I wondered where the not-so-together people fit into the picture. So this became my focus, and I’ve been so pleasantly surprised. I’ve been able to do some really deep work with these resources.

After Sister Miriam, I got on the
Hallow app (I think they offer a free trial), in the Mental Health section, and listened to all of “Healing Wounds,” with Sister Miriam and Dr. Bob Schuchts of the John Paul II Healing Center. They are nine short prayers/meditations that address seven different emotional wounds. I use these over and over. They are amazing.

And then, since I like this Bob Schuchts so much, I got his audio book, "
Be Healed.” Again, amazing. He gently and lovingly moved me through a lot of buried dysfunction.

So then I got this from Bob Schuchts also,
a nine-hour set of mp3s called “Healing the Whole Person.” Again, amazing! It costs $55, but I think it is well worth the price.

“We are always on a healing journey because love never ends.” - Sister Miriam James Heidland

And here are a few more YouTubes I found very good:

Ask a Catholic Therapist Anything, Dr. Gerry Crete

What Does it Actually Mean to Trust God, Sister Faustina Maria Pia

The Story Behind the Litany of Trust, Sister Faustina Maria Pia. And I also am working with her book, “I Trust in You, Jesus.” It’s kind of a workbook, and it addresses the self-reliance problem a lot. Actually, all of these resources do.

Please let me know if you want any further explanation about any of this. I'd be happy to help.