Your Body is the Light

This body of yours is God. How could it be anything else?

Perhaps you have an image of your body that it is a separate thing. Perhaps you think of your body as an illusion. But your body is neither an illusion nor a separate thing.

Your body is an invitation to recognizing God's love and God's light in everything and every person. It may currently feel like your body is small, constricted, heavy, even ill or failing. But it is none of those things. It may feel like you are incapable of seeing the light of God in every person, every situation, but you are not. Not only are you capable, but this is who God intends you to be.

You have an idea about God, about God's infinite love and light. Hold your body in that same idea. Breathe that love and light into your body. This is the invitation. Your body is calling to you to recognize its God-presence. It calls to you with pain, with disease, with depression, even just with the gravity of daily life. Don't ignore the signs.

You have no power to bring God into the world any other way but through your very own body. This is your vehicle for light and love. You entered this world as pure light, but over time the circuits got conditioned to be constricted through your exposure to other people in the world. It does not have to remain that way. Your body can return to light just by your intention and thoughts.

Haven't you always known this? Haven't you just forgotten? I'm just reminding you that you can begin to re-remember your nature as light anytime you want. Maybe now.