You are Goodness

What is your spiritual priority? Is your priority to find the truth, know the truth of who you are? Is that a goal? What happens after the goal of knowing the truth is reached? Is the priority happiness? To be happy, to live as a happy person? To live as a free person? To love everything that appears?

It's important to look past the end goal. It's good to know what all of this seeking is for. And it's also good to know that the journey doesn't end when the goal is reached.

The goal is knowing the truth of who you are. This is not a static knowledge — it is an expanding one. This means that it's impossible to get all of it through the intellect. The intellect has to be on board, at the beginning, but the real expansion comes when the heart becomes involved. Your emotional truth — LOVE — will become more and more lived and experienced as your heart learns this piece, the emotional piece of the knowledge. This piece — the expansive love of Goodness — just keeps growing in you forever. It has no end. There is no limit to the amount of love God has in mind for you, for your experience.

So happiness and freedom are not prizes at the end of the search which can be plucked off and kept in your pocket. They are invitations to expand and explore your relationship with the love of Goodness, God's love. Happiness can't be yours as a static thing belonging to a person — happiness can only be in the dynamic expression and outward flow of love, through you and into the world. That is where you see the love appear, and where others also see it appear, through you. The goodness in the world is because of YOU.

There is no end to God and no end to Goodness. After the seeking is over, the journey to Goodness begins, and there is no end to this magnificent, brilliant journey.