The Thought of What I Am

You can’t think a thought that’s not in your mind. You can’t think somewhere outside of your mind, so you’re always thinking in your mind. But you can think the thought, “I am not the mind, I am the witnessing consciousness, I am awareness.”

The thought is in your mind, and the mind is not you, nor is the thought you. But that doesn't mean that it's categorically untrue. The thought “I am the witnessing consciousness”
happens to be true. It's a true thought appearing in your mind. Just because a thought is in the mind doesn’t mean that it’s not true. The thought that you actually are the witnessing consciousness accurately reflects non-dual reality and reveals your true nature.

It's okay to think “I am the witnessing consciousness”
and not worry that it's just the mind making up fairy stories. The thought of your true nature has to appear somewhere, and the mind is the tool for that. It's where self-realization takes place.

Of course this is not to say the mind can now claim, “I, the mind, am the witnessing consciousness.” The mind is
not the witnessing consciousness. You are. The mind is appearing in you. It is not even a thing of its own.