The Brilliance of Joel Goldsmith

Many years ago, I was a Joel Goldsmith fanatic. I owned dozens of his CDs, and binged them. In case you don't know who he is, he was a Christian mystic, healer, and teacher. He died 58 years ago, but his recordings, made on the very first wire recorders, are of such excellent quality you'd think they were recorded yesterday. We're very lucky to have his voice preserved, because his teachings are incredibly valuable to anyone who is looking for clarity about what "I" is, what reality is, and what you can do to bring yourself into alignment with these truths.

I was moved to find him again, which I did, on YouTube. Here is
a playlist of Joel's advanced classes, and here is the one I took some notes on, which I will post below. I'm just going to put my notes down here in raw form. I don't want to mess up his teaching with my own analysis:

Am I interested in living more of the human life, or am I interested in living the spiritual word?

This “I” is the Real “I.”

So, the real “I” gets picked up by the hypnotized body "I," and the real "I" is still here all the time, but the personal body assumes that "I" is about it.

There is only one “I.” This “I” is it. The one that identifies with the body is borrowing its sense of “I” from the real one.

So really, I am real. Jesus says, "I have meat to eat that you know not of." (John 4:31-33 KJV). This is it. It’s the “I.” It’s this me, this I. Jesus has this meat and so do I, for we are the same "I."

I’m seeing created forms, but they aren’t – there are only spiritual forms. Those things I see aren’t really limited – they only appear that way.

When you think or talk, think of putting “I” and “Mine” in quotes.

The world of God is already complete. I am already eternal and complete. Mind does not create – Mind
forms its own conditions of matter, body, form.

The four influences which determine what conditions you form: pre-natal circumstances; early childhood circumstances; education; and everything that you have picked up since.

Become transparent
My mind should be transparent
In order for God’s grace to flow in my life
All you can do is be this transparency

You have to love your adversary
You cannot see evil there

This is returning to Eden before the fall

Meditate several times a day, just for a few minutes, and just say: I’m not seeing anything wrong with anyone, I’m transparent, there is no sticky stuff

Be a mind that is not holding in it any fear of an enemy
Nor any judgment for what an enemy may be doing
They are only acting from their present state of consciousness

Only the pure in heart shall see God
I judge no man
Who gave you a sense of right and wrong?
Drop it now.

Past and future thinking is mortal mind,
Not the mind that was in Christ Jesus
Any of that is taking a stance in the human world
NOW are we about the Father’s business
NOW are we children of God

A minute from now will never arrive
This is now
In this now there is not a single trace of discord or disharmony
If you want a problem, you have to think about a minute ago or a minute from now
Past and future will fade away

In any emergency, speak the word “I”
and you have Emmanuel, or God With Us
I will never leave you
I have meat to eat
I am in Thy presence
I am the bread
I and the Father are one NOW
Always present tense

….I (Annette) have nothing further to add…