My YouTube Comment

I thought I would post a reply I just wrote in the comments of a YouTube video called "A Short Story — The Shuttered Universe: A Novel in 9 Letters by Matt Fradd."

Comment from Martin: As an atheist since I was maybe in my early teens when I had the ability to truly start looking at the God concept. Now 48 it still mystifies me especially in the modern world, so to speak, why most Christians don’t understand why atheists are atheists. Not agree, but understand. Mainly that for most atheists, the non-belief in God is not a choice. If you very honestly do not think something exists, then calling it a choice to not believe in it is a misuse of the word "choice." In all my talks with religious people, it seems the simple common sense concepts are the ones that stump them the most. 

Most atheist do not claim there is no God — that would be hypocritical. Simply they honestly do not see a reason to say there is one. But most Christians don’t look for real truth in their beliefs, they look just to validate what they want to be true — they have no choice. How can you honestly look for truth where you think if you are wrong, your whole existence is worthless? That’s all atheists are trying to do. Honestly look for truth no matter where it leads. There is much more to learn and know before absolute claims are made. That’s all most atheists are trying to say. Is that really that hard to honestly understand?

My reply: Wow Martin, I'm impressed by your measured and reasonable statement. The best I've ever heard from an atheist. I wanted the truth, too, and I spent about 20 years in advaita, or non-duality, because frankly it's the only thing that ever really passed all the veracity tests. But it ultimately left me on anti-depressant meds, because of the whole "no meaning" thing. So I embraced God, and found that just in inquiring and being open to surprises, and not needing to have it all fit intellectually, grace has appeared and continues to grow. It had to do with my heart, not my mind, finally. And I don't insist on there being a God for anyone else to believe me, so I'm not making any absolute claims. It's just personal. God is more like something I now shape my life around, and it has brought much more fullness. And honestly, thank you for making me more sympathetic towards atheists!