How to Get Liberated

Someone sent me a link to a video of Rupert Spira, and she told me she was confused by it, and it seemed to contradict other things she had learned. This is my response to her:

This video of Rupert is very clear, and he is saying the truth. But the problem is, he is not telling you how to come to this conclusion 
for yourself. And unless you come to this conclusion for yourself, having it told to you doesn't do you any good. There is no benefit, you are not any closer to the freedom that you want. 

I am really strongly recommending that you start studying Vedanta. Vedanta is systematic, not just random bits of knowledge which are all over the internet and are very confusing. I have to say, Rupert is really clear and he knows he is free, but he doesn't have a complete teaching to offer. This is the drawback of all the contemporary teachers we see all over YouTube. They may be clear themselves, but they have no structured way to teach
you to become clear. 

This is what Vedanta does. Just try
this video: This is the cutest, most engaging Swami teaching the first in a series called Aparokshanubhuti, which means "Direct Experience of the Absolute." Yes, this is what Vedanta teaches, and it takes some patience and diligence, but it is complete and it finishes the job, if you stick with it. You have to have the whole teaching explained from beginning to end, or else something like this video from Rupert will never make sense. Vedanta teaches you HOW to come to this knowledge YOURSELF. 

People do come to this knowledge other ways. Some people have more of a spontaneous understanding, through grace, and then they can talk about it, but they can't show anyone else how to get that same understanding. This is why Vedanta, taught in a systematic way, is such a gift for us seekers. Rupert was never taught the complete teaching, and so he doesn't know how to teach it. 

I can't emphasize enough how fortunate we are for having the availability of this ancient teaching, on the internet, in English, taught by fully-realized Swamis who have been studying this their whole lives. This is a blessing beyond belief that we don't have to go to India, find a guru, etc etc etc. We can sit in the comfort of our homes, and the means of liberation is passed to us for free! 

this Vedanta video I linked, it starts out boring and dry, but please give it a few minutes. By 10:00, it starts getting interesting, and by 20:00, you won't want to turn it off. It really gets good. Swamiji does throw in some Sanskrit but he always translates it. 

This is what I recommend. If you have not already started with a course of Vedanta, this is the way to go, truly. This will answer ALL of your questions. You are a perfect candidate for it, and you are well-prepared.