Don't Be Afraid


I think there is something important to remember as we walk along our path, and that is that God is always right here, right now. In this act of reading or writing that we are doing right now, in the thoughts we are thinking, in the sights coming into our eyes, God is. It is the constant awareness of God here right now that allows us to "pray without ceasing," as Paul commands in his letter to the Thessalonians.

We might have a routine where we pray first thing in the morning, or right before bed. We might say an existing prayer that we have memorized, like the Lord's Prayer, or we might just talk to Jesus as if we are having a personal conversation with Him. We might only pray when we are in a panic, or give thanks when something nice happens. But what about all the rest of the hours and minutes of the day? What is your mind doing then? It's probably spinning tales about what you need, and what you want to control, and what you are afraid of.

But God wants you to think about Him instead. He wants you to always be thinking about how much He loves you, and how He just can't help but pour His infinite love onto you. He wants you to be thinking about how well He knows you, and always has known you, even since before you were born. He knows you, all the faults and flaws and unlovable parts, and He loves you anyway, because He can't help it. He is infinite Love. And you are the beneficiary of all that Love.

So why would you want to be thinking about anything but how much God loves you? I don't think you do want to, but we are all in the habit of thinking about everything
but that, except for our stingy little devoted fifteen minutes in which we meditate or pray. How can we open it up? How can we expand that time and pray without ceasing?

One way I have found of doing that is to dedicate everything I do to God, as I go along. Of course, I'm not very good at this yet. But it's a habit to nurture, and it's very magnetic. As I do it more, it becomes easier. God calls you to Himself. The more you listen and heed, the louder that call gets.

So this post just reflects
what I said last month, about how I can use myself as an offering to God in every moment, looking at each task I'm doing as a prayer of gratitude, even without knowing what the outcome is going to be. I don't need the world to serve me; I serve God. It's a very freeing attitude.

I don't just mean this to apply to just small daily actions like taking out the trash. Even in thinking and planning for the long-term, meeting with your accountant, taking a relationship into a more committed place, just notice how grand the hand of God is, and notice that God always takes the anxiety away.

Even if you are dealing with illness, of you or a loved one, or serious breakdowns of communication among family, let God stand there with you in your thought process about these things. Pray! Ask for His help. Constantly. You will quickly learn that God does not consider these things problems. He is growing you into the understanding of how much love there is for you.

The infinite love of God is just a fact. It's here. So it's not up to you to control your life in a way that makes you feel less anxious. See that any anxiety, when turned over to God, is working on you, polishing up that beautiful gem that you are, so that then others will see the light of God shining through you and take comfort.

Turn everything over to God, in prayer, in every moment. Tell Him you are afraid. Ask Him to help, and trust that He will. Allow Him to light your path all day long, and you will see how willing He is to perform miracles in your life.