Does Your Spiritual Life Feel Good?

What makes you feel good spiritually? Do you have passion in your spiritual life, excitement? If not, then you probably need to move on and find something else. Above all other considerations, your spiritual life should make you feel wonderful. It should be nourishing to you as a person. Isn’t that the point?

Do you feel like you are on an endless intellectual treasure hunt and always feel close, but never really get any increased satisfaction? Waiting for one final answer to appear is exhausting and unsatisfying. It can end up feeling like drudgery. And is it realistic?

The idea of enlightenment – a final goal – implies that everything will be finished. Your suffering as a person will be over forever, and you will know yourself to be free. So, is that static? Is freedom a frozen thing? What is “not suffering” supposed to look like, and to whom?

Freedom is not living as a non-person. Freedom is living as a human being, unlimited by assumed parameters, journeying with God as your guide to a deeper and deeper understanding of what your role is here on Earth, as an outpicturing of God’s love in form, and trying to live up to that responsibility. Every moment of your life can be the joyous exploration of this privilege, of being human and divine at the same time.

You choose what your spiritual life is going to look like. If it is feeling dry or unsatisfying, uninspiring, it’s time to put some juice back into it. Feel wonderful! Don’t be a seeker, be a journeyer. It’s the journeying – the excitement of growing into your divinity – that alleviates the suffering, not the destination.