The Peace of God

The peace of God is here all the time. All you have to do is turn your mind to it. You have to turn your mind to it because otherwise your mind is on the world, or I should say, your mind is creating a world, and the world that is created by the mind is a crazy world, because it's a crazy mind.

Because the mind is separate, or
feels separate (it actually is one with God, but it feels separate), the world that it creates is a crazy, messed-up world. One can deal with that by not creating a world in thought.

Sometimes this is called "inward-turned mind" — turned towards awareness or God — as opposed to "outward-turned mind" — turned towards objects and things.
It is the outward-turning that creates a world.

The inward-turning, the thought of the peace of God, is the only way right now to not be in discomfort and suffering. Just one thought away, here is God's peace, here I am in God's peace, I know God's peace, right here right now – that's all I need, that's all I know.