Be Here Now?

What does "Be Here Now" or "be in the now" mean?

There is no other time that you can be besides now, so it seems like it doesn't need to be said. But we hear it in the enduring spiritual literature, and so it must have an important message.

It is useful to be reminded to simply keep your mind on what you're doing. Just something as mundane as sweeping the front porch can take on the most blissful quality when that's ALL you're paying attention to.

But the mind isn't satisfied with this at all. It says, "You should be doing something more productive, hurry up now and finish this sweeping so you can do one of the items on your To-Do list." Sound familiar?

Or your mind wants you to take a simple enjoyment and spin it into an ambitious future plan, like playing the guitar becomes "should take lessons, should watch YouTubes, should start a band." We're always finding ways to ruin a perfectly wonderful experience with "shoulds."

Every experience already has everything in it that is needed for joy, peace, and contentment. It doesn't even need to be labeled "good" or "bad" — that's just more of the mind's way of doing things. Nothing is intrinsically good or bad. Washing the dishes can be heavenly Happy

Be here now….since you already are anyway….and enjoy the only thing that is actually, really here — IS-NESS, immediately available. This vast radiance. This ocean of bliss. If a thought arises, the ocean doesn't even register it.

There isn't even an "I" in the immediately available radiance, present right now. Even the "I" thought is not ever going to disturb the vast radiance that is.

"Be in the now" becomes "Don't be anything or anywhere or any time — just be."