Duality is Where We Find Spirit

What is the reality of Spirit? Maybe we can never fully know the answer to that question, as physical beings. But since we are Spirit, in physical form, we are certainly capable of reflecting our true nature through our emotional and mental state.

When the mind is in a joyful place, it is accurately reflecting the reality of the only thing that exists, which is Spirit, or Good. Only a mind that is blocking the flow of Good does not experience life as totally easeful and joyful. In other words, without that mental blocking, life is full of Good, and seeming miracles abound.

So what causes us to block Spirit? Mentally aligning with negative thought.

And what causes Spirit to flow, and manifest endless Good and Well-Being in one’s life? Mentally aligning with positive thought.

Aren’t negative and positive thoughts the same? Don’t they both appear in awareness, neither one preferable over the other, as they both simply arise in consciousness and then disappear?

No! Thoughts are not merely appearances that can be ignored or dismissed. Your thoughts create your reality, so you need to acknowledge them, and know how to manage them. You need to be able to separate positive from negative in your mind, so that you can do all your creating from the positive pole.

Being able to choose positive over negative thoughts is how we navigate our way towards alignment with spiritual reality. We choose positive thoughts by always looking for the joy. Look for the best-feeling thought you can find, and then multiply and magnify that feeling with more good-feeling thoughts. Just observe how much more beautiful your inner and outer world are when you do that.

Always seek the thought that makes you feel good, and let happiness guide you. Be led by joy and inspiration so that you can see Spirit, as it reveals itself to you through that positive, uplifted, comforting emotional state. Watch as your actions and circumstances begin to manifest ease, abundance, and love.

Of course, this is all duality. We are exercising a very dualistic approach in order to show ourselves what Spirit is doing within us right now, and in order to understand that Good is all there is, available all the time, in the form of our thoughts, which create our reality.

Our mind is how Spirit is known. Spirit can only know itself as it manifests in physical form, through us! We are the reflectors of Spirit to Spirit. We need to be able to turn things in the mind to equal what is real in Spirit. Since Spirit is infinite, this is an eternal, ever-expanding recognition. Your immortal being has this one purpose – to grow and learn and expand in Spirit through physical lifetimes, with no goal but to reflect back the Love and Good that is freely given to you.

Photo credit: Dick van Duijn