Does God Care if I Love Him?

I heard a priest ask on a YouTube today, “Why would God care if I love Him?” The implication being, God is already complete, infinite love, and needs nothing, so why would me adding my love make any difference to Him?

The priest went on to say, Well, He doesn’t care, but we just do it anyway – we give Him our love because it’s the right thing to do, or something. This is where religion leaves me unsatisfied. Because the first thing I want to know is, is there a logic to this act? Not, “just do it anyway,” but why? It leads me to deeper inquiry about the nature of God, and the nature of me, and the nature of that relationship, which is what I think the spiritual journey is all about. So letting that question slide is just not in my nature to do.

Do I love God for my sake? Do I love God for God’s sake? What’s the difference between me loving God and not loving God? What if I don’t love God? What happens?

One thing I notice is that I will find something to love, and to value. We don’t just go through life valuing nothing – we choose. And mostly we choose the material, stuff in existence like our relationships, our possessions, our successes, our ideologies, our bodies. Asking myself to love God is to ask myself to recognize there is something more, that something immaterial actually lends
Its goodness to all these things in the world that I value. I value them because they reflect God’s goodness.

It’s not
my goodness, and it’s not inherent in the objects. Goodness all derives from this immaterial, suprarational “thing” we call God. That’s a good enough reason for me to love Him.

Of course, it would help if people don’t think of God as a man, some big old guy in the sky. It takes some effort, and some imagination, to get hold of any kind of idea of God at all, because He is unknowable. So a person, to move closer to His goodness, must really ask the mind to give up any expectation of understanding.

I’ve strayed from my original question: What does God care? This could take a lifetime to answer. But certainly I am not willing to say to myself, Don’t worry about it – let go and just do it, just love Him. Not that it hurts to say, “I just love Him,” but it’s a deepening closeness I’m after.

In the many years that I have been looking into the question of “What’s this all about?”, I have deduced that there is an almost identical correlation between me and God. I say “almost” because of the fact that I am a material creature, and God is not. But what else can I be, but made of what is all there is? So while I am made of God, I have also taken on this time-space material existence, which cannot help but put a separation between me and Creator. It creates needs and desires in me that only relate to the material world. And it creates a forgetting that I am already whole, safe, and loved, in my true being as a non-separate creation of the one underlying Reality.

So I find that my desire now, at this point in my life, is not anything about the material world, but is about realizing a movement towards that which is responsible for my existence – that which loved me into being. The material aspects of life fall into place on their own. And so, the question “Why love God? Does He care?” is beginning to be answered, simply in my desire to answer it.