The Thought of What I Am

You can’t think a thought that’s not in your mind. You can’t think somewhere outside of your mind, so you’re always thinking in your mind. But you can think the thought, “I am not the mind, I am the witnessing consciousness, I am awareness.”

The thought is in your mind, and the mind is not you, nor is the thought you. But that doesn't mean that it's categorically untrue. The thought “I am the witnessing consciousness”
happens to be true. It's a true thought appearing in your mind. Just because a thought is in the mind doesn’t mean that it’s not true. The thought that you actually are the witnessing consciousness accurately reflects non-dual reality and reveals your true nature.

It's okay to think “I am the witnessing consciousness”
and not worry that it's just the mind making up fairy stories. The thought of your true nature has to appear somewhere, and the mind is the tool for that. It's where self-realization takes place.

Of course this is not to say the mind can now claim, “I, the mind, am the witnessing consciousness.” The mind is
not the witnessing consciousness. You are. The mind is appearing in you. It is not even a thing of its own.

Brahman Playing at Being a Mind

As I sit and look at my mind, I have to wonder, what's really going on here? Is it that I am sitting here with my mind, working away at getting it still, focused, and able to entertain the thought that I am really Brahman?

Remember the story of the tenth man? That's a useful story here. Ten guys cross a raging river, and when they count heads on the other side, they all only count nine, and they fret. A wise man comes along and points out their error, and they are greatly relieved to find, "Oh! I am that tenth man!"

How does this tie in with my meditation? It simply points out how easy it is to forget to look in the most obvious place — right here, at myself. While the mind is struggling away, picturing itself as something separate and very important in its purpose, it has in fact been Brahman all along.

I think of Brahman playing at being all these objects. We know from our Vedanta that none of these objects (mind, thoughts, things) exist independently of Brahman, consciousness. All these apparent things arise out of Brahman, and appear for a time, but they never separate from Brahman and become something else. They are always Brahman through and through.

It's like gold, playing at being a bracelet. There is no reason that gold should not enjoy its existence in all kinds of forms. For a while it seems to be a bracelet, and that form appears, but it never stops being gold. And it doesn't have to try to be gold, or even to know that it is gold. It's just gold. It doesn't have "selfness."

Our minds don't have selfness, either. They are like baubles that Brahman is playing as, for a while. Our minds are completely made of Brahman, like the bauble is made of gold. As much as we like to think of the task the other way around — as my mind trying to "catch" Brahman somehow — really the mind is already fully permeated by Brahman, so much so that it has no existence of its own. Brahman doesn't skip spots — it doesn't go around my mind and reconnect on the other side.

Brahman is playing at being the mind, which then sits down very seriously and tries to find itself. Which is quite funny when you think about it!

Dan the Man

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