All That is Really Here is I AM

There is no one real here to be upset by anything. To be agitated by anything. To want anything to change.

There is only me – awareness – and the appearance of experience which arises and passes. But when it arises, it gives the impression (as part of what arises) that the someone experiencing is a personal entity, and must take things personally, and get upset by things like injustices in the world.

I am
Experience arises in me
And changes
And passes
And still I am

Something reacts to the contents of the experience
It’s unjust! It needs to change! It’s wrong!
But “I am” is still all there is

That “one” who reacts is also arising
And changing
And passing
Thinking something different in the next moment
Forgetting all about the injustice
When something more exciting arises to capture the attention

All that is really here is “I am.”
The experience is free to be what it is
Arising from nothing and passing into nothing,
Leaving no trace.
Stay with “I am.”

Here is a wonderful video about this from my favorite YouTuber Sunny Sharma, "
Turn Your Attention Away From Mind."

A No-Planning Attitude

It is good to take a look at the thoughts that arise, and see if you have any control over them — over the content of them, or over when they arise. It becomes clear pretty quickly that you don't. It's a great meditative thing to do throughout your day, just looking at that one aspect of your experience — Do I choose my thoughts? This current thought — did I choose it? Or did it just appear, without any urging or planning of any kind?

What's the implication if you don't choose your thoughts? It's kind of wonderful. It's that the universe chooses all the thoughts. Not just yours, but everyone's. When I say "the universe," it's just a figure of speech. It's a way of attributing them to something, when really they aren't attributable to anything. They just appear or arise in awareness. They didn't exist, then they appear to exist, and then they pass, leaving no trace of their ever having existed. That's the wonderful thing about thoughts. They really don't do anything.

So the creation of the idea of a personal identity, which is what thoughts do, isn't anything that needs to be paid attention to. A person doesn't need to arise in that thought. It can just be a passing ripple in awareness. In a practical sense, it means that you don't have to plan anything, ever. You really can't, but that's harder to swallow, so we can just start with the no-planning attitude and watch as it reveals your own real identity to you.

Without a plan, what are you? And then something comes up in awareness, and action happens as a result, and identity is assumed, and the world unfolds. It all happens without plans. And yet, here it all is!

This is Perfect

Do you ever do this — when something goes sideways or isn't how you want it to be, you say, "This is perfect," or "Everything happens for a reason"? Or you say, "This other perfect thing in my life couldn't have happened without that crappy thing paving the way for it"? You know that silver-lining kind of thinking?

Why not try letting that stuff go. It's likely keeping your focus on the shifting circumstances of your life, rather than on the completeness that you already are — that awareness in which the circumstances are known.

Sure, positive thinking seems like an obviously good thing. But the habit of tying happiness to circumstances through positive thinking is a subtle pitfall.

A better way to see it would be, I don't believe anything that my thoughts are telling me about perfection. That which knows my thoughts is already perfect, and I am that.

Can I Keep My Obvious Beliefs?

If I consider only one thing important, and that is to know myself as awareness, I am told that I really need to let go of all my beliefs about life. But what about the obvious beliefs, like that my health should improve, or that humanity should be more just and humane and moral?

Even the obvious, seemingly harmless beliefs such as those have great power to capture your interest, and keep you thinking about them. You know this to be true! So be brave and let those go, too. See what happens.

When your attention goes to a thought, and away from the awareness of that thought, ask yourself, Do I need anything added to me? Is there any reason for me to pay attention to the contents of that thought if there's nothing in it that I need?