There is Hope

I don’t know anyone who is doing really great right now. It just seems to be a challenging time, all around, for everybody. So it’s good to remember that there is hope, and it's good to be reminded how to find it.

What does "hope" even mean? Hope that I won’t be feeling so overwhelmed and upset at some point in the future? Hope that circumstances in the world will brighten soon? Hope that I and my loved ones will be safe, happy, and healthy? Hope that there is a reason to carry on? All of the above.

I think that what we are ultimately hoping is for goodness. We want to have faith in goodness, and trust in goodness. We want to know that it’s possible for goodness to grow in our lives. Hope seems to be a desire for an expansion of goodness – of love – into our lives and in the world, and a faith that this expansion is possible.

Hope involves having an openness to trust that there is help available, at all times, under any circumstance, no matter how challenging or depressing the situation or mental state. Hope might feel out of reach, but with even the slightest willingness to entertain the possibility of something existing which wants only goodness for you, and which can always be trusted to follow through, help will rush to your aid in an instant.

This is what God is – this “something” that wants only good for you. God is not visible or knowable in the material world, and is not even quantifiable. And yet somehow we might have a vague hope, a glimmering bit of trust, that we can believe in its goodness. We might be able to believe that goodness really exists, and that it is actually the dominant force in existence. And that maybe goodness shows itself to us more and more, as we learn to trust it and magnify it. And we might notice God rushing to us whenever we call. He loves nothing more.

It’s not easy doing this dance of life here as a human being on this planet. But we don’t have to do it all alone. When we start to open up to this unseen, supernatural, immaterial presence referred to as God, we start to notice that as our faith in that goodness grows, so also does our hope, and so do our despair and anxiety decrease.

We can truly rest in God, and imagine ourselves letting go of all the tension of being in charge of life, and recognize that it’s really God in charge all along. And his plan for you is that love and goodness expand and grow within your heart, and in your life. This is the spot where you can rest in hopefulness, as this is God’s promise to you, and God always fulfills his promises.

“I came that you might have life, and have it more abundantly.” – John 10:10