For a long time, this website was about non-duality. In particular, the non-dual teaching of Advaita Vedanta.

But there was something important missing in that discussion, and that is a conversation about your experience as a human being, and that you naturally want to feel vibrant, joyous, and eternally expanding. Non-duality as a teaching tends to emphasize the undivided, pure awareness aspect of our being, and to de-emphasize the feeling aspect of our individual self, which is just as present and just as real. It is in the feeling self that we experience the expansion of our capacity to love, our capacity to enjoy. It is in feeling that we belong to Life.

Non-dual teachings can leave some people unsatisfied, confused, or even depressed. Admittedly, there is a certain abiding peace that comes with the non-dual knowledge, but it can feel very static. We are not static beings – we naturally want to give more love, we want to expand into our fullest spiritual potential, we want to seek happiness and then creatively manifest it in the world.

And why not? It is just natural that you be happy, it is natural that you be healthy, that you feel loved and wanted, that you feel safe and secure in this world. These are the laws of this divine world in which you live. The reality of this world is Love, and the reality of the universe is that it is benign. You are always being taken care of.

We want to be inspired to see for ourselves that our existence is made of Good. There is nothing but Good, and we know this deep in our hearts. We know that we should be joyous, that we should be full of enthusiasm for life. We know that every person has the same divine spark inside them, and only wants the same things that we do. We have love for them that we long to feel and express, in an ever-expanding gladness.

You are an immortal being which grows and evolves infinitely, and while in physical form you have endless opportunities to experience more and more of the Infinite Love that is all there is. The experience of Well-Being is flowing and available all the time. You might block it with thought, but there is no shortage of Well-Being for you, ever.

This is dedicated especially to those of you who might feel stuck in your non-dual explorations, thinking that something doesn’t quite add up, or thinking that you really should be feeling quite happy by now, but are not.

Claim the joy that is yours. Your experience in this world is a sacred journey, showing you more and more every day how much Abundance is right here, available to you at all times. You will begin to notice it appearing in surprising ways.

The world is a holy stage upon which you come to know more and more Infinite Love by the joy you are experiencing — that’s how you know. It’s joy. It’s natural to be joyful.

Your inner being is already totally aligned with Infinite Love, and has been for all eternity. Begin your quest to change your limiting, fearful thoughts to thoughts of the divine, expanding, eternal being that you are. Use joy as your guiding light, and ease as your trusted companion. You will begin to feel the difference right away.

Annette Nibley
September 2019
Mill Valley, California