Welcome to What Never Changes!

This website is about you, your spiritual inquiry. It is intended to be support for you, if you are in need of support, and to be validation of thoughts and feelings you may be experiencing as you inquire into the nature of yourself. Whatever your path, I hope that you will find some sense of resonance in these pages.

I started this website in 2006 after coming across the idea of non-duality in the course of my spiritual journey. My influences were mainly John Wheeler and other Bob Adamson disciples. In 2010, I came across James Swartz, a teacher of traditional Vedanta. While the “direct pointing” of my early teachers was very helpful, it failed to address the persistent experience of being a human being in a body. Vedanta addresses that experience fully and completely, and answered every question I had. I am very grateful for coming across this exceptional teaching and teacher.

The website has a blog page, on which I post short essays on a variety of topics. It also has a Q&A page, on which I post inquiries made to me by email, and my responses. The Vedanta page will tell you about James Swartz, and the teaching of Vedanta, which I consider to be the most thorough, logical, and efficient means available for learning the science of self-knowledge and attaining liberation.

I welcome your comments and questions. You can email me at annette@whatneverchanges.com.

Annette Nibley
July 2017
Mill Valley, California