Welcome to What Never Changes!

This website is about your spirit, and your spiritual growth. It is intended to be support for you, if you are in need of support, and to be validation of thoughts and feelings that may cause you to question or doubt the path that you have chosen. Whatever your path, I hope that you will find some sense of resonance in these pages. I want nothing more than for you to feel a deepening sense of your own unlimited love, and an excitement about the journey.

I started this website in 2006 after coming across the idea of non-duality in the course of my spiritual journey. My influences were mainly John Wheeler and other Bob Adamson disciples. In 2010, I came across James Swartz, a teacher of traditional Vedanta. While the “direct pointing” of my early teachers was very helpful, it failed to address the persistent experience of being a human being in a body. Vedanta addresses that experience fully and completely, and answered every question I had at the time. I was very grateful for coming across this exceptional teaching and teacher.

Now, however, there is a spontaneous deepening of my understanding of the spiritual journey, and I will be sharing my thoughts with you here as they unfold. The idea of an end point in non-dual teachings — that is, the goal of "enlightenment" — turns out not to be a viable model. For one thing, as you may well know if you have been on a non-dual path, when you reach the point of enlightenment, there is quite literally no one there to have the knowledge that "I am pure awareness." And another thing is the obvious problem that there is no one there to
enjoy it.

Events in my life over the past few years have caused a shift in the way I view my spiritual journey. For one thing, I now see myself as a spiritual journeyer, not a spiritual seeker. I am not seeking anything, and as far as the journey goes, it will go on forever, and how exciting is that! For another thing, the heart has spoken loudly that it is indeed a part of this journey which is the
key to my relationship with the Divine. The heart keeps expanding in its capacity to know, feel, and understand God. Since God is infinite and boundless, this expansion is also infinite and boundless. It is not limited by having an end goal, and it is not limited to this lifetime. There are endless opportunities in this precious life to feel and express the boundless love of God.

Much more to come soon….I hope you will come along with me on this journey!

I welcome your comments and questions. You can email me at annette@whatneverchanges.com.

Annette Nibley
July 2017
Mill Valley, California